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Library Advisory


Dear Students,

Please be informed that the Main Library is open from Sunday to Thursday (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM). 

Library procedures relating to borrowing/returning books and accessing online database resources are available at UTB website

You can also access the e-library thru the MOODLE site

Download the attached file for your reference.

For further assistance, you may call the librarian at 17787987.

Wishing you all the best of luck this term onwards!

Thank you.

Important Announcement


Welcome to the new academic year 2021/2022

Please note that all classes will start online on 19th September 2021 for all students.

Starting from 3rd October the teaching will be based on the student choice of online or face to face attendance as per the student’s selected option.

All students will have the choice take exams online or in campus.


مرحبًا بكم في العام الدراسي الجديد 2021/2022

يرجى ملاحظة أن جميع الفصول الدراسية ستبدأ عن بعد (اونلاين) يوم الاحد الموافق 19 سبتمبر 2021 لجميع الطلاب.

بدءًا من 3 أكتوبر 2021 ستكون الدراسة وفقاً لاختيار الطالب المسبق.

كما سيكون لجميع الطلاب خيار تقديم الاختبارات عن بعد (اونلاين) أو بالحضور الفعلي.

Online Students Portal and University Email


Dear UTB Students,

Please be informed the below updates.

1. New Online Students Portal site:

2. Email address domain from to (ex:

If you are having problems accessing the above mentioned services kindly email:

Thank you. 

Academic Advising and Course Enlistment for First Term AY 2021-2022


Dear Students,

Please be informed that course enlistment for the First Term AY 2021-2022 begins on July 18, 2021 (Sunday). Consult your academic advisers starting July 11 before enlisting your courses. Your assigned academic adviser has been tagged in your MOODLE.

For new students, your academic adviser is your college dean. Here are their contact details:

Student Access to the President's Office


Dear Students,

Thank you for attending the Student Assembly today with our President, Dr. Hasan Almulla.

As mentioned, you are always welcome to inquire or suggest to the President your inputs for the betterment of the University - University of Technology Bahrain.

Please send an email to to schedule a zoom meeting or visit the President's Office.

Good luck with your TEST1 examinations.

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